The user preferences are located in the preferences option located in the file menu.  

The user specific preferences will not have a number and any given (non manager) user may only edit their own preferences. Find your name in the list, and double click to access your personal settings.

User specific preferences include:

Alerts on - Whether or not this user will see alert messages based on notes in the system with the alert flag


Type Ahead In Owner List - If enabled when searching for an owner receive a different dialogue box that allows you to type a portion of the name and it selects the first alphabetical match to what has been entered.


Default Imperial - This users default way of measurement is imperial as opposed to metric.


Dispatch In & Out Tallys - This allows the user to dispatch tallies in and out.


Use Simple Tally List - A simplified version of the tally list screen with less information presented will be used as opposed to the regular information overloaded page.


Help Path - Selects the path on the local PC that holds the TALLYS help file.


Tray 1 Printer Standard - Select the default printer for this user when printing.


Tray 3 Printer Bills Of Lading - Select the default printer for Bills of Lading (if different from the standard)

The user preferences window is shown below: