Owners are an integral part of Tallys. Owners are any company that you may do business with. Owners will be associated with nearly every piece of data tracked by Tallys, including: tallies, racks, quotes, contacts, work orders, inspections, equipment, kits, subs, shipments, invoices, dispatches, bills of lading, vehicle work orders, parts, trucks, trailers, transfers, rates, and railcars. Keep in mind that owners are not always tied to inventory as they may simply be a part of a given transaction (a hauling company without any of their own inventory would be a good example of this.)


To make an owner, go to the list screen (shown below) and click new. Alternately,  select 'New Owner' from the main menu.



The owner input screen is shown below.



An owner contains the following:


Owner Key - Internal Tallys key, this must be unique. This can be set by the user and is alphanumeric. This is what will show up in the owner field and can be typed in or will be filled in when searched and added.


Name - This is the name of the owner, this can be a company name or the name of a specific person. This field is also alphanumeric.


Address - This is an alphanumeric field used to store the address that the person or company operates from.


City - This is an alphanumeric field that is used to store the city that the owner operates from.


Province/State - This is a two character field used to store the province or state the owner operates from.


Postal/Zip - This is a 12 character field used to store the postal or zip code that can be used to send physical mail to the owner.


First Name - The first name of the owner or manager.


Last Name - The last name of the owner or manager.


Integration ID - See exports.


Mark - See Tubular Sales.


Comments - Any additional (internal) comments about the owner.


Email - Use this field to enter an email for the owner. This is the field used to send electronic mail to the owner.


URL - This is a field used to contain the owners' website address if they have one.


Web Password - This is the owners password to access a read only view of their inventory remotely be means of the Web Module . See Web Module for more information.


Custom Labels Button - This button will allow replacement of the 'Heat #' reference on an inbound tallie. This an owner specific setting.


Acquired By - This is a field to keep track of who (in your company) acquired this owner.


Telephone - This is a field to keep track of the phone number at which to reach the owner.


Fax - This field is used to keep track of the fax number to contact the owner.


Logo - You can paste the owners logo into this field such that it show up on certain input forms.


Print - This checkbox can be checked only if the logo has been placed. This will allow the logo to be printed out onto print outs generated by TALLYS that involve that owner.


Delivery Ticket - Owners counter for shipments. To keep owner specific shipment records. Increments automatically with the creation of each new Delivery ticket.


Charge Rate - This defines the default rate to use for this owner. See Rates for more information.


Yard No - Keeps track of the owner yard number.


IPSCO Distribution - The IPSCO distribution number for that owner. This number is produced by IPSCO


Custom Labels - The 'Custom Labels' button on the owner detail screen will allow you to rename the 'Heat Number' Field on a TALLY to read as something else. ex: Release #, BOL#, etc. Note: you must be signed on as a manager to make this change.


Tally Counter Number - This is the number for the specific owner for when you add the owners specific number to a tally. Tallys will automatically increment this number every time it is used.