Equipment Kits are used to speed up entry of Shipments. If you find that the same equipment/subs are often being shipped together, then it is in your best interest to create an Equipment Kit.


To create an Equipment Kit, select 'Equipment Kit' on the main menu, then click 'New' on the resulting list screen (shown below).



After selecting 'New', Tallys will display the following input screen.



First select an Owner by typing the Owner number, a part of the Owner name + an '@' symbol (the wild card in Tallys) or by pressing F4 (on screen or on your keyboard) to bring up the owner list screen.


Assign the Equipment Kit a unique name by using the 'Kit Name' field. This is a string and will be what shows up when you click the kit button on the shipment input screen.


To add a particular piece equipment or sub simply click on it's record from the 'Equipment Master File' Section of the screen. This section will not populate until after an owner has been selected. The letters below this section allow you to filter out any equipment/sub that does not start with the chosen letter.


To remove an added part click on it in the "Part no" section at the bottom, then click on the 'delete' button at the very bottom of the screen.