The following reports are available from the Rack List Screen, Reports button:


Rack Report – Prints a summary of Rack Details for selected racks.


This report allows you to skip the forced sort (Owner & Rack No.) and use any sort that you prefer. The report is designed for a primary Sort order by owner, therefore creating a break level after each owner name. Any other sort will create a lot of

name duplication.


Count Report – Provides an inventory summary of all Racks in the current view. Can

be used for taking a physical inventory to record actual joints/tier.


Rack Export - Saves the Rack report to an Excel (.xls) file. There is also an option to

email the report.


This report will be similar to a Tally report. The top portion will echo the pipe definition,

followed by rows of the pipe and length data.


The following reports are available from the Rack List Screen. Reports menu:


Rack Report – Same as above.


Report Editor – Allows you to create your own report by selecting database fields.

*For advanced users*

Rack Detail Screen Reports

 The following reports are available from the Rack Detail Screen, Print button:


Notes Report – Prints a simple one page report with any notes that are attached to



Tier Report – Prints a list of pipe for each tier specified, one page per tier. The first

tier to print must be a higher number than the last (bottom) tier. There is an assumed

limit of 150 JT/Tier maximum, as this is the 1 Pg. limit. It subtotals each tier at the

bottom for: number of joints, length, and weight.