This is the process for receiving new pipe. Tally IN is an entry and archive file, which can recall old Tallies even after the pipe has subsequently left the yard as part of another outgoing Tally. When you

POST a Tally IN, new Joints are then automatically added to the Rack and Tier positions.


The Tally IN input screen is shown below.


Tally In window


The first thing to do when making a new Tally IN is to enter the Ship to Owner and the Rack that will be accepting the new pipe.  Selecting a rack first will prompt Tallys to auto-populate your tally with the selected rack's associated owner, and pipe definitions.

If this is a new type of pipe for this owner, you can use the 'New Rack' button to create a new rack for this owner.  Remember that in most cases, only one type of pipe can be on a given rack.


Once an owner and rack are selected you can enter the data fields near the top left (Location, Rig No, etc), or you can skip straight to adding joints.


To add joints to a Tally enter the number of joints you want (maximum of 1800). For every joint added to the transaction, Tallys can store a unique serial number, a heat number, and length.

Once you have entered your joints, click on 'Post' to add the inventory to the selected rack.

You can 'Save & Close' the tally at any time to be brought back up later, but inventory will not be added to the rack until you 'Post' the tally.