If your facility deals with Evraz inventory, you'll have made an owner record in your Tallys database specific to them.

To inform Tallys which owner record is tied to Evraz products, take note of their owner number. Next, open up the preferences from the main menu by going file>preferences and select preference 610 (Evraz Stockpoint). Set the owner stockpoint to be equal to the owner number that you noted.

Additionally, should you deal with Evraz, it will be required that BOL#s be included on any inbound tallie. To accomodate this, open your owner record for Evraz, and click on the 'Custome Labels' button. In the field presented, key in 'BOL#', then click ok. This will replace the Heat# header on any new Evraz tallie IN with a 'BOL#' header.

To download Evraz pipe definitions and set the Evraz and SITE sections in your installation of Tallys you should contact Evraz to get the details on how to download their information. These sections will change the pipe definitions that are selectable when the Evraz owner is involved. It will also set the sites of transactions selectable for tallies when Evraz is involved.
To review the pipe definitions you have received from Evraz click on Evraz Pipe on the main menu.

To review the locations for Sites you have received from Evraz click on Evraz Sites on the main menu.