This article gives you an overview of all of the preference settings in Tallys.  There are other articles that give a more detailed description of each individual preference.

1 - 99:

Reserved counters for specific files. e.g. Tally numbers are automatically assigned whenever you create a new Tally. Do not to change these numbers to smaller values as this may create duplicate numbers, and trigger an error alert in the program.

400 - 499:

450 = Lading Comments

500 - 549:

These record numbers are reserved in the preference table for invoice comments. Please insert your invoice comments in this these records, as the program will look for them there.

560 - 569:

Reserved for yards. If your company deals with multiple yards this option can be used to enter the names of these yards. Once again, this will be available as options in the pipe quote form, which is one of the choices you have when you create a quote. Add up to ten yards for in your preferences starting with number 560.


This record is reserved in the preference table for a footer that you wish to include in
your pipe quote. Add this record if you wish to have a footer at the bottom of your pipe

600 - 699:

Specific Owner and Manufacturer’s settings, Manufacturer’s Sequence numbers, and/or Owner. Record numbers references in the Owner file (NOTE: 610 reserved for Everaz Manufacturer and 640 for Prudential Tally counter)


Everaz Manufacturer (if applicable)
- Your Owner StockPoint stock point number for Everaz.
- Sequence Number, Everaz's counter for their StockCards. This is incremented every time you select 'Assign Everaz No.' from the Tally In or OUT screen Manufacturer popup.
- Owner No. references which record in the Owner file is actually Everaz.


Prudential Tally counter


Tally Rate Code
- Cross-reference Rates as the charge code for billing Tally's onto invoices


The preferred (Rate) code for Invoicing Tallys.
- Here you specify which Rate to use from your rates Table.


Everaz specific FTP Server IP address, login, and password


Everaz File Transfer settings
Preference records 760 & 765 to get the Everaz FTP Server information. You should not need to change this information unless instructed by Everaz


Prudential specific FTP Server IP address, login, and password


Prudential File Transfer settings

800 - 899:

Taxes and surcharges


Describe the Company information Tallys is licensed to
- Serial number
- Check boxes for various settings (see below)
- Also your logo to print on all reports. (For your logo create a 3x2 inch logo at 200 dpi (up to 256  color) and paste this graphic into the field provided using the standard windows shortcut Ctrl + V to paste it.)