This Tech Note describes how to manually export a simple list of Racks. It begins with a query to locate the Racks for the Owner, for example, Tenaris.

1. Use the FIND Command to locate the Racks you are interested in exporting.

2. Sort these records by SIZE, to organize them in advance.

NOTE: Ensure you do not have any other Owner’s Pipe in this window, as ALL the current selection (97 shown) will be exported.

3. Choose the Menu Item: Report Editor from the Reports Menu.

This opens the Editor shown below. On the left are all the fields of data from the RACK Table. Simply Drag the required fields into the report lower area. See the example below. Select the following fields:

4. Choose the Menu Item: Print Destination from the File Menu.

Select DISK FILE from the Hierarchy menu, as shown.

This establishes that this report will be saved as a file, instead of printed to your local printer.

5. Choose the Menu Item: Print… from the File Menu.

Instead of Printing, the program will present a standard FILE SAVE Dialog.

At the dialog (shown below) Navigate to a convenient folder, that you can find later, and save the export file with a name, say “Tenaris Export.txt” You may want to add your pipeyard name, or today’s date.

This file can now be passed on to the relevant Owner, by floppy disk, or by attaching to an Email.